Married to Merlot available for purchase here.

Married to Merlot was released on January 19, 2019!

Married to Merlot, a self-help memoir with a message of hope, is a true story of love and loss, of one man’s vulnerability and fragility following Vietnam War trauma and early childhood loss, and of one woman’s desperate attempt to hold onto him and keep her family together. It is a chronicle of the progression of her husband’s depression, anxiety, and alcoholism and the toll his sinking mental health takes on her family.

When her husband of thirty-three years states he is seeing another woman and wants a divorce, Martha Louise’s world takes a sudden shift. Her eyes are opened as she realizes she has been trudging down someone else’s path and dealing with his “stuff” to the detriment of her individual self. The author writes about how her husband’s betrayal and abandonment force her to step off the known trail and detour to her own.

Martha did not choose the road to divorce nor did she want to become embittered and resentful because of it—as she had seen others do. Therefore, she makes the conscious choice to make sense of her shattered world by exploring the loss, learning from mistakes made, and taking the route to self-discovery and healing. While on that course, however, another tragic event occurs that stops her in her tracks, gives her momentary pause, and ultimately takes her to recovery.

Within the book’s pages the author describes her desperation as well as her desire to stay on her newly chosen pathway, while she moves toward healing and maintaining positive emotional health. She peels off layers of insecurity and searches for inner strength as she strives to weather each storm, embrace her losses, and accept her destiny. By following her journey, you, too, can find the strength to choose your own, unique passageway to self-discovery and to a happier life.