Thank you for visiting my website.  As with everything else, this is a journey, and the website is still in the early construction phase.  Please return often, as we have much to share.  Because of my life experiences, combined with my education and background, I want to reach out to others who are dealing with betrayal, divorce, PTSD, depression, emotional illness, addiction/alcoholism, tragedy, loss, and grief. It takes courage to face changes and overcome fear, especially fear of the unknown.  That fear can be replaced with hope. That hope can lead to a new beginning.

Martha Louiseis a retired school psychologist and former mental health therapist. She credits her psychology background and education as the catalyst that prompted her to write her self-help memoir with its message of hope.  Having had poetry pieces published when she was younger, she has always possessed a penchant for writing.  She yielded to this habitude when she selected her career choice with its attendant demands of professional report writing. Her recognition that we all have something—multitudes of people face tragic events or encounter some type of adversity in their life circumstances—prompts her to continue to write to remind individuals they are not alone and to offer hope through shared stories.  She strives to see and live life as reflected by her mother’s motto, “We make the most of it.”