Martha Louise has worked as a social worker, mental health therapist and school psychologist, and she has taught exceptional student education. She has also served on a school district-wide crisis intervention team and provided grief counseling to students and to faculty members following critical incidents and deaths in the schools. She has worked in mental health and disabilities institutions, and human behavior has always been an interest. 

A native of Arkansas and one of ten children, Martha’s family moved to Florida when her husband changed employment and relocated. She completed post-graduate coursework and attained her specialist in school psychology degree equivalent in Florida. 

Martha’s education and background, combined with her familiarity with adversity, evoked a desire to provide messages of hope to others who face tragedy or stressful life circumstances.  She writes to promote positive mental health, and she has a strong interest in cultivating emotional wellness with our veterans and active duty personnel.  Her heart also goes out to individuals living with spouses or family members who have addictions and/or mental health issues, as she has a keen awareness of the stressful life they feel they must endure.  She is especially sensitive to the fears and desperate feelings held by partners going through divorce as well as to the mourning and processing shouldered by individuals experiencing loss and grief.  

Married to Merlot: A Memoir With a Message of Hope is Martha’s first book publication. She had two poems printed in Young America Sings, published by National Poetry Press. 

Martha currently resides in Florida. Her activities include reading, scrap-art, walking, and biking.  She enjoys traveling and feeling God’s presence when she is witnessing the beauty of His creation in our forests, mountains, water bodies, and skies.